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How to look sexy for Valentines

Feeling stressed about the pressure to look hot for your date on Valentines? Want to know how to instantly transform into a sexier you, without spending a penny or watching what you eat? Then read on…

If you want to know the miraculous way you can cling film yourself skinny, the perfect make-up technique to keep you looking young, the right words to say to make anyone swoon at your feet…

Then you’ll have to read a different blog, because the truth is all of that is bullshit! There is only one thing you can do to make a significant impact on your sex appeal…and it isn’t about forcing your body to be a certain shape, or scripting the perfect chat up line. The single most important thing you can do to look sexy this valentines is…

Whatever sparks your confidence! It may sound cliche but it’s true. When you feel good about yourself it shows. It gives you a glow that no highlighter can mimic.

We all have things we don’t like about our appearance. But when we focus on those things, we magnify them out of proportion. So my advice for looking sexy is really to create a moment of self care…Putting on sexy clothes and doing your make-up may help, if that makes you feel good, but it certainly isn’t essential. What really matters is how you talk to yourself in your head, how you feel.

So, whatever you’re wearing this valentines, I hope you have a smile to go with it, ‘cos you really are worth it.

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